Marketplace creation

Create a customised marketplace or matchmaking platform!

Experience and know-how

Medialem specialises in the creation of customised marketplaces. After developing several marketplace-type platforms, our team has built a platform that allows for efficient and rapid marketplace development at the best price (see our sample rates). The experience and know-how acquired in each project allow us to adapt to any type of marketplace workflow in the sense of a platform with offerers and requesters, whether it is a platform for putting people in touch with each other, an advertisement site, ecommerce with several sellers, a platform for managing purchases/suppliers, a site for putting people in touch with each other for the exchange of services, a collaborative platform, a directory…

Modular architecture

Almost all matchmaking platforms share common elements and most features are repeated from one project to another. We have therefore developed bricks for each of these common points, making them as generic as possible in order to easily satisfy all the characteristics of a given marketplace. The functionalities of our platform allow us to manage all possible workflows on a marketplace.

Customised development

When elements are specific to a project, custom development is necessary. Here again, we have designed and architected our platform to be flexible and scalable to support all the particularities of each project, whether it be the business model, the matching process, the categorisation or the specificities of the products or any other element on the site, even if it is not a specific feature of a marketplace.

With your custom-made marketplace platform, you are not dependent on an external solution. You own the source code.


Opt for a high-performance marketplace based on our experience and implemented according to your needs.


Benefit from our experience and get an already proven platform. Start your project with a reliable and maintainable site ready to support your success.


Free yourself from the customization limits of CMS such as WordPress, Prestashop. A plugin specializing in the creation of a marketplace will also present limits, especially in terms of developments or during updates.


Your linking platform may need to evolve for various reasons: meet user needs, add features, adapt to external requirements (legal or technical)...


Our platform adapts to all your projects (multi-vendor e-commerce, ad site, carpooling site, etc.). We manage marketplaces for services or the sale of physical products, but also any type of linking site.


A basic matchmaking platform starts at around 7,500€. You do not pay any additional costs (no SAAS, no subscription). Consult our article dedicated to this subject to get an idea of ​​our prices.

More than development

Our service is not limited to development but also includes support throughout the project. Every good project starts with a good specification. We make sure to have understood all the needs of our customers before establishing the technical specifications of the project. We bring our expertise on marketplaces and networking platforms, webmarketing and the world of the web in general to guide and be proactive at each stage of the project. In particular, we support our clients after the launch of the project on services such as growth hacking and webmarketing.




Web marketing


Growth hacking


Tools integration


Marketplace creation quote

Do you want to create a site like Leboncoin, Vinted or the future Amazon? We can organize a point to discuss your project in order to clearly identify your needs. This will be an opportunity to give you a demonstration of how our marketplace platform works.

“Really satisfied with this service which required a tailor-made development on complex functionalities. We continue to work with Medialem for our developments”
“Great job at the dev level but also on webmarketing support (SEO, Adwords, Facebook... etc). I recommend!”
K. Noureddine
“Medialem is a team that listened to our needs, they were able to transform our ideas into a concrete project”.
G. Boundzit
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