The features of our Marketplace creation platform

Our platform, based on a modular architecture, allows us to manage all possible workflows in a marketplace. A marketplace is any platform that connects users who have something to offer and/or are looking for what other parties are offering. Therefore the possibilities are very varied, it can be a multi-boutique ecommerce site, an online reservation site, directories or ad sites with subscriptions, platforms with advanced matching processes (matching algorithm, specific processes)… Of course It can be a mix of several elements and each marketplace can have very specific features. For the latter, we carry out a custom development. Here are some of the features that our platform can handle:

About offers

An “offer” here is any item created by an “offeror” user on the marketplace to be searched by another “seeker” user. The offer can also refer to the object of the connection. It can therefore include a wide variety of elements (physical products, services, advertisements, calls for tender, requests, etc.)

gestion offres sur plateforme marketplace


  • Management of characteristics offers: The platform administrator can create and manage the categories and sub-categories of his marketplace, the specificities associated with each category as well as the variants.
  • Creation of offers: Users can create offers from these categories by filling in the necessary elements (specificities, images, location, price, etc.).
  • Moderation: The administrator can moderate the creation of each offer thus created.
  • Listing of offers: offers can be listed to Internet users (or only to connected users) with the possibility of searching for offers via a filter based on categories, specificities and other attributes specific to the offers.
  • Offer highlighting: Product highlights in various locations can be paid features on your marketplace. The same applies to other features such as the possibility of moving offers to the top of the list.
A marketplace project like Etsy, Vinted or Amazon?

If you are planning to create a marketplace for the sale of physical products, our dedicated modules will allow you to manage the delivery of products with the integration of modules such as Colissimo or Mondial Relay for the internal management of delivery tracking, delivery labels and pick-up points. A stock management and variant management module will allow you to manage all the needs of such a platform.

Transactions specific to marketplaces

paiement en ligne marketplace

On a marketplace, buyers’ payments are sequestered and transferred to sellers once certain conditions have been met (delivery of a product, service rendered, etc.). You can define these conditions. To manage this collection on behalf of third parties, we use the Mangopay or Stripe Connect payment solutions. We are also a technical partner of Mangopay, which allows our customers to benefit from preferential rates. We can adapt to other payment solutions (LemonWay, Adyen, Braintree) provided that they are adapted to the project.

  • Our platform manages one-off payments, commissions and subscriptions to adapt to your business model (commission, subscription, setup cost…).
  • Commission rates are configurable (different rates for different types of products or users). Commissions can be taken on the applicant’s or the supplier’s side or on both sides.
  • Management of cancellations and refunds
  • Delivery management (printing of delivery notes, tracking of packages, etc.)
  • Promotional codes can be used for offering users on their marketplace fees (e.g. reduced subscription or commission rate). It is also possible to manage promotions for end buyers.
  • Loyalty point system
  • Cashback system
  • Secure payment by credit card or bank transfer
  • KYC management
  • Use of HTTPS secure protocol
  • Invoicing

The future Airbnb of... ?

You want to create a website like Airbnb, Booking, Doctolib or any other service marketplace with online booking or appointment scheduling (travel, event, workshop, training…)? Our reservation module will allow your users to manage their availability calendar and their reservations with the possibility to set different prices according to the date or days and times in the week.

User management

  • Role management with a mix of several roles possible (a user can be both a supplier and a requester).
  • Moderation of users at registration with the possibility of blocking users.
  • Classic registration with email and password or via OAuth (Facebook, Google, Linkedin…).
  • Shop page: users with offers to propose can have a page listing all their offers. This page can be personalized for each user (logo, banner, colors, images, description, location, opening hours…). As for the offers, it is also possible to have a listing of these stores with a search filter according to various criteria (activity, location…).
gestion utilisateurs marketplace

Everything to improve the connection

  • SEO optimisation: basic optimisation (site structure, meta h1 tags, title, description, urls, etc.) and advanced optimisation possible (creation of a special landing page structure, semantic optimisation of content, etc.)
  • Messaging: contact forms to contact suppliers, internal messaging between users with the possibility of moderating messages. Messaging can also be instantaneous.
  • Advanced search engine: in addition to the classic filters on offer and store listings, it is possible to add an advanced search engine taking into account all the texts linked to offers and stores (product description, characteristics and profile description, etc.).
  • A customized matching algorithm can be set up to manage a specific process for matching or suggesting offers, in particular using machine learning.
  • Map: the listing of offers and blinds can be done with an Airbnb-style map (using the Google Maps API).
  • Favorites: users can save offers or stores in their favorites to consult them later. This data can be used for suggestion algorithms.
  • Reviews and ratings: Once a transaction is completed, a rating system can allow the buyer to evaluate the product and the seller.
  • Alerts: Users can create alerts on a particular search to be notified when new offers matching their criteria are published.
  • Manage notifications of different actions by email, SMS or push notification on smartphone
  • Video conferencing for matchmaking
  • Multilingual website
  • Integration of API to retrieve user data (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Google Analytics…)

Everything to make managing your marketplace easier

  • Administrator interface: The administrator has control over the organisation of several elements of the marketplace via his dedicated interface. He can also delegate the management of certain elements to another user (a moderator for example). These elements include :

– Management of categories, specificities and product variants

– Moderation of users

– Moderation of offers or requests created

– Moderation of exchanges via messaging

– Possible moderation of reviews

– Management of subscriptions and commission rates

– Text modification including language versions

– Usage statistics


  • Ergonomics, UX, design: The blog, homepage and other static pages (contact, how it works, FAQ…) of the marketplace are generally created using the WordPress CMS, except in cases where advanced functionalities are required. WordPress handles these content editing needs very well and at a lower cost. The design is based on a modern template adapted to the client’s graphic charter but it is also possible to integrate a custom design. All our websites are responsive and it is possible to develop a progressive web app, a mobile web app or a native mobile app.


  • Hubspot CRM integration and synchronization
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