The showcase site: The basis of a web presence

showcase site

Objectives of a showcase site

A showcase site, by analogy with the window of a physical shop, can be used by a company to present its products or services in order to transform Internet users (passers-by) into customers. It’s also a source of information for all the actors around the company (customers, partners, suppliers, employees or candidates, public…).

The showcase site allows you to present various information (products, services, contact details, activities, news…) but it also serves to create interactions with Internet users and to collect various data concerning them. It’s possible, for example, to collect opinions, to answer various requests (quotes, questions, etc.) via contact forms, or to add a newsletter, a blog, etc.

How to get a showcase site?

If you do it yourself

There are many online services for creating a website. These are generally easy to use but offer very little customization and are intended for individuals. They allow you to quickly create a rudimentary showcase site but are not necessarily suitable for a professional site. We can quote services like wix or tumblr, blogger…

A more suitable solution for a professional is to use a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS is a site that’s almost ready to use and that you’ll have to customize and fill with your content. Among the best known are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla… These tools allow you to create a showcase site without great expense. In addition, these CMS can provide a multitude of features almost ready to use (blog, ecommerce, newsletter …).

On the other hand, you will probably have to spend a lot of time researching ideas, the design, the hosting, the optimization of your referencing, the updates… not to mention possible dysfunctions to manage or shortcomings at the level of performances.

If you go through a professional

If you are looking for simplicity, it is better to entrust the work to a service provider whose job it is. Generally speaking, web agencies have the advantage (not always available to freelancers) of having all the skills required to create a marketplace or a successful website : web development, design, SEO expertise, hosting… and sometimes creativity too! You can delegate all the design, hosting and maintenance work.

On the other hand, your portfolio may not appreciate this solution. Don’t hesitate to get quotes from several providers, ask to see their references. Rates, quality, security… are all criteria to take into account when making your choice. Also take into account the costs of managing the site (updates, referencing, hosting, content writing, etc.) if these are not included in the offer. You can quickly obtain several proposals on sites like

Beyond the price, look for a service provider who is on the same wavelength as you, and make sure that they understand your objectives. You can draw up specifications beforehand or establish your specifications with the help of the chosen service provider. Some will be able to make proposals at both the technical and marketing levels, while others will be content to carry out your requests to the letter without giving you much advice. A happy medium is to be found.

Criteria to take into account to create a good showcase website

The most important points to take into account to make your website successful are: content, design and performance. It is obvious that the content of your site must be relevant to showcase your strengths and skills. It should set you apart from your competitors and show you as a reference in your field. However, you should always create content with SEO in mind.


Study what keywords people will type into a search engine to find what you offer. Your texts must be adapted to these keywords. Don’t hesitate to vary the type of content to arouse the interest of your visitors and be able to synthesize it so as not to bore your audience.


The design must be in line with your graphic charter (if you already have one). It must be pleasant to make the visitor feel comfortable and minimize your “bounce rate”, which is the percentage of people leaving your site after seeing the first page. The bounce rate is a data taken into account in the referencing algorithms. It’s therefore necessary to make the person who arrives on one of your pages (not necessarily the home page) want to go and consult the other pages.

Modern, original, ergonomic and… “responsive” design are the watchwords. Internet users are indeed using more and more of their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, so you need to demand a responsive site, i.e. one whose display is adapted to all these screens.


Your site must display quickly, be foolproof in terms of security, be free of bugs and compatible with a maximum number of browsers (even Internet Explorer unfortunately…). As with the previous points, if these elements are not properly addressed, they will increase your bounce rate and give a less than serious image. Gain the trust of Internet users with a technically impeccable site.

Marketing and Promotion of your website

Creating a strategic marketing plan for your online marketplace is paramount to its success. A well-thought-out strategy can increase brand visibility, attract customers, and foster customer loyalty. These are various aspects to consider when promoting and creating a marketing strategy for your online marketplace.

  • Understanding Your Audience: You must understand their preferences, behavior, and needs to tailor your marketing efforts effectively and make the good design possible. You should create detailed showcase websites, which represent your ideal customers, to guide your marketing strategy.
  • Building a Brand Identity: It should resonate with your target audience and reflect your brand values. 
  • Leveraging Social Media: Use these platforms to share valuable content, engage with your followers, respond to customer queries, and promote your website, products or services. Utilize platform-specific features, such as Instagram Shopping or Facebook Marketplace, to enhance your marketing efforts.
  • Content Marketing: This could be blog posts, videos, webinars, or ebooks. Quality content can establish your brand as an industry expert, improve SEO, and provide resources that your audience finds useful.
  • Email Marketing: Despite the rise of social media, email remains an effective marketing channel. Build an email list and create targeted campaigns to inform subscribers about new products, promotions, or valuable content. Personalize emails to increase engagement and conversion rates.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Partnering with influencers, bloggers, or other businesses can expand your reach. This could involve sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or co-hosted events.
  • Paid Advertising: Depending on your budget, paid advertising such as Google Ads or social media ads can provide a significant boost to your marketplace’s visibility and reach.

Provide Excellent Customer Service 

Exceptional customer service can differentiate your marketplace and attract repeat customers. Ensure your platform provides easy access to support and resolves issues promptly and effectively. Here are a few strategies to ensure excellent customer service in your online marketplace. First of all, be easily accessible to your customers across multiple channels such as email, live chat, social media, and phone. Responsiveness is crucial; aim to resolve customer inquiries and complaints in a timely and efficient manner. Keep your customers informed about their orders, any potential delays, and steps you’re taking to rectify issues.

Then, make sure your returns and refund policies are clearly stated and easy to understand. In addition, provide avenues for customers to give feedback. This can help you understand their needs better and implement necessary changes to improve your services. Don’t forget to personalize your customer service, such as using a customer’s name in communication or offering tailored recommendations, can lead to a more positive customer experience.

Monitor Performance and Adapt 

Monitoring the performance of your online marketplace provides invaluable insights into your business’s health and areas of potential improvement. Regularly track key sales metrics such as total sales, average order value, conversion rate, and cart abandonment rate. These metrics can provide a snapshot of your business’s financial performance and help identify areas that need attention.

Also, customer satisfaction can be gauged through surveys, feedback forms, and social media monitoring. Metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) can quantify customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Finally, don’t forget to benchmark your performance against your competitors to understand where you stand in the market. This could involve comparing product offerings, prices, marketing strategies, or customer service practices.


The average time to capture the attention of Internet users is about 8 seconds… (Microsoft study). To succeed in winning over your visitors, keep in mind the points we have just mentioned: content, design and performance.

If you have the time and motivation, you can try to create your site yourself using a CMS for example. To ensure a quality result without too much effort, it’s better to hire a professional, but this will require a larger budget.

Don’t forget that creating a website is only the beginning. You need to put in place a whole web marketing strategy to generate traffic, particularly via social networks or by linking a blog to your site. The latter will increase the number of pages on your site, which will improve its position on more queries.

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