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Whether they are marketplaces for the sale of physical products, exchanges or sale of services, the last decade has seen the emergence of several DIY and gardening marketplaces. These platforms are constantly experiencing an increase in traffic and a growing number of new users. Indeed, the context of the health crisis has had a positive effect on this sector with an increase of 120% of sales during the first containment in 2020 according to the barometer of Fox Intelligence.

DIY and gardening product marketplaces in France

The most famous generalist e-commerce marketplaces have a DIY and gardening section, such as the giant Amazon, which is one of the first online marketplaces created in the world. Today, it is ranked first in the European marketplaces of all categories combined, where it generated a turnover of 32 billion euros in 2019.

We can also mention Cdiscount and Rue du commerce, both B2C marketplaces that are among the most used in France. The Cdiscount platform alone accounts for over 20 million unique visits per month.

Although generalists, these platforms have a large market share in the DIY and gardening sector.

Specialized e-commerce marketplaces

One of the most talked about marketplaces in this sector is the Manomano platform. A specialized player and pure player in the DIY and gardening market, the website was created in 2013 for the French market and is now targeting the European market thanks to an umpteenth fundraising of 125 million euros in 2020.

Let’s also mention Leroy Merlin, a historical player and leader in the sector with its physical stores and then its ecommerce site, which decided in May 2020 to launch its marketplace in order to expand its offer by connecting other sellers with their customers. Its hybrid e-commerce site, combining a classic merchant site and a marketplace, will generate nearly 600 million euros in sales. This turnover generated on the web represents only 10% of the total turnover of the company but is strongly increasing.

DIY and gardening services marketplaces in France

When we talk about marketplaces, the e-commerce platforms selling physical products dominate our minds. In the DIY sector, we have seen in the last few years many very interesting service marketplaces being created. These platforms offer a wide range of services.

Generalist services marketplaces

Some generalist ad sites offer categories around DIY. It is the case of Allo Voisins or Les débrouilleurs which are platforms of contact between individuals, on which individuals post classified ads in order to be put in contact with a person who can help them in exchange of payment.

There is also Welp, which is a platform of voluntary mutual aid, on which services are offered. What is the advantage of this platform? A feature of closed self-help groups is available to its users. This feature is useful for companies that can give their employees a space to exchange advice and services on a voluntary basis, but also for schools, associations, cities and individuals.

Specialized service marketplaces

There are many platforms to put people in touch with each other. We can mention Izi by EDF, a platform for connecting professionals and individuals created by EDF in 2019. It has about 1000 craftsmen and offers DIY, renovation or equipment installation services.

Launched a few years earlier in 2011, Frizbiz is a marketplace where individuals and professionals can offer their services in DIY gardening.

Bob dépannage platform, which was launched in 2015 and has notably partnered with Leroy Merlin, allows individuals to diagnose the breakdown they encounter. The platform then offers a price range according to the identified problem. The user then has the possibility to make an appointment with a professional according to his availability.

Some e-commerce platforms selling physical products are also expanding their offer in this area. This is the case, for example, of Cdiscount, which in 2018 bought the Stootie matchmaking platform. The latter is aimed at individuals and professionals, and offers various services such as moving, plumbing or painting.

There are also marketplaces for training in the field of DIY. This is the case of Mon Coach Brico, which has established partnerships with Leroy Merlin. The startup offers courses at home, but also remote assistance via videoconference.

DIY and gardening marketplace around the world

Around the world, it is often Amazon that takes the bulk of the market for the sale of products in the field of DIY. As far as the platforms for the exchange of services are concerned, Handy is one of the most used. Available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, this platform connects individuals looking for household services with independent professionals for various services (cleaning, furniture assembly, plumbing, roofing installation…).


The ever increasing digitalization of consumption reinforced since the health crisis has allowed several marketplaces in the DIY sector to be very successful in recent years. These platforms, as we have seen, offer connections for a wide variety of products and services but, with the change in purchasing behavior, there are undoubtedly many opportunities left in this sector…

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