How much does a marketplace cost?

Are you looking to create a Marketplace and wondering how much it costs to develop such a platform? This is not the place to compare the prices of different solutions, but simply to present you with a few examples of prices for the creation of a marketplace within our agency, with the associated features.

Custom development

Several features are available, including

  • Promotion code management
  • Video matchmaking
  • Mobile web application
  • Native mobile application
  • Creation of alerts to be notified on a particular search
  • Cross Selling related products
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Adverts feedback
  • Instant internal messaging
  • Integration with Hubspot CRM
  • Mix of business model (commission, subscription, setup cost…)
  • Accounts with different rights (admin, moderator…)
  • Advanced search engine
  • Image optimization

Our service is at a single rate, payment in 3 instalments, no additional costs: no SAAS, no subscription, no licence, no commission taken by Medialem, except for the hosting costs and the integration of possible third party tools such as the emailing service for the different notifications which are at your charge. We can distinguish several common points between the majority of the marketplaces which we manage with generic modules that allow us to manage most of the processes encountered on the platforms of putting in contact. This explains, among other things, our very competitive prices compared to the competition.

In addition to this, there are the specific needs of each client for which we carry out tailor-made development. Some examples of developments carried out:

  • Matching algorithm (specific process, machine learning…)
  • Third party API integration (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Google Analytics…)
  • Customised homepage
  • Advanced custom design
  • Old database migration (Sharetribe, Prestashop…)
  • Implementation of comparator, price list…
  • Other custom functionality

Price of an MVP marketplace?

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a first functional version with all the basic or differentiating functionalities allowing to test a concept and/or a market. Here are a few examples of prices offered by Medialem for an MVP marketplace.

CtoC platform with online booking, listing via a map Airbnb styleBtoC marketplace sale of physical products with internal messaging and cross-selling of similar productsBtoC marketplace for the sale of advanced physical products: Colissimo integration, real-time notification, product highlighting, etc.
9500 euros12500 euros15000 euros
Homepage + Blog (use of WordPress for static pages)
Creation of categories and their specificities
Product creation/ offer with moderation
Listing with classic product filter on categories/specificities
“Shop” page listing all of a user’s ads
Basic search engine on the category/title of the ad
Ratings and reviews
Moderation of users and products
Design based on modern template adapted to the graphic charter
Integration and training in the basics of Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager + Hotjar
Use of the secure protocol https
Basic SEO Optimization
Online payment business model commission OR subscription
Booking module
Map (Google maps API) to list products
Variant management
Cross Selling Similar Products
Internal messaging between users with the possibility of moderation of messages by the administrator
Inventory management
Integration of a basic delivery module
Integration of an advanced delivery module
Highlighting ads

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