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Our work in natural referencing is based on the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) quality management method, the principle of which consists of preparing actions, implementing them, checking them and finally reacting according to the results obtained.


The overall cost of this service is 1,500€ excluding VAT for the first month, then 750€ excluding VAT per month. The workload is more important the first month (audit, creation of blog, implementation of analysis tools). If your website has been created by our team, the rate is 750€ HT from the first month.

Our SEO service consists of the following steps:


SEO audit


The service starts with an SEO audit which includes a keyword analysis, a competitor analysis and a technical audit of the site.

The structure and content of the site are analyzed in order to optimize the important elements to improve its referencing such as certain tags (h1, title, description…), the textual content, the internal linking, the loading time…



Site optimization


Content creation and Netlinking


This involves creating a network of several sites/blogs around the theme being worked on, creating content on these sites but also on external sites and creating backlinks in general.

Implementation of performance analysis tools (Monitor Backlinks, Google Tag Manager with creation of events to be followed, Google analytics, etc.) with regular analysis and reports and proposals for improvement.



Follow-up and analysis

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For more information and a better understanding of the steps involved in SEO, please contact us, an SEO consultant will explain everything in detail.

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