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If you own an estate agency you may have a website to present your offers and you certainly post your ads on sites specializing in property ads such as Seloger or others that are more generalist but very effective such as Leboncoin. Let’s take a look at the most visited real estate ad sites in France before looking at the advantages for a real estate agency to have its own website.

Estate agency website

At the top of the list of generalist ad sites, but also for real estate ads, in France, we have with just under 10 million unique visits in April 2017 to its real estate section, according to the Médiamétrie Institute. Next comes with a significant gap of nearly 5 million unique visits over the same period. The latter only offers ads from real estate agencies, whereas Leboncoin also offers ads from individuals with the possibility of filtering between professionals and individuals. The site (Particulier à Particulier) only offers ads from individuals. We can also mention in the same niche.

Then there’s, which is also a paper magazine and does almost as well as PAP. We also have sites such as,, which have around 1,300,000 unique visits per month.

There are of course a multitude of other real estate ad sites (,…) including sites of real estate networks such as Century 21 and Orpi or other sites that target specific sectors such as new real estate for example which reveals the extent of competition on the internet. These same real estate networks and several others have also worked with several real estate syndicates and developers’ associations to launch the more recent and less consulted site, which offers an interesting interaction with a map to locate the ads and information on the surroundings of the property. Even the real estate notaries have launched their site which offers property from auctions.

Some sites rank the site among the top real estate portals, but this is a ranking based on the number of ads. For a real estate agency or even a private individual who wants to sell or rent a property, the number of consultations remains the most important parameter. An advertiser seeks to make his ads visible.

Publishing its real estate ads on these sites is not the only way for an agency to be visible on the Internet.

A website for your estate agency

All of the sites we have just mentioned are consulted en masse by Internet users looking to rent, buy or sell a property. The interest in posting ads on these sites is obvious for an estate agency.

However, it is important for an estate agency to have its own website which will allow it to present not only information about the company and the services offered by the agency like a classic showcase site, but also to display all its available ads. The ads are visible every day, all day long, and can therefore potentially reach a large number of interesting prospects.

The agency’s site will above all give the possibility of attracting new prospects if it is well used. To do this, the site must be well referenced on search engines, especially for local searches. Local referencing is essential for a real estate agency, but this subject could be the subject of another article on its own. Remember that the trend is towards local search (according to a Google study, 4 out of 5 people carry out a local search to find a product or service). Moreover, many Internet users searching for a property use Google before or in addition to the ad sites. In addition to the real estate ad sites, the agency’s website is therefore another entry point for acquiring new customers on the Internet, particularly by using social networks, which are additional marketing levers on the Internet.

In addition to the professional image it provides, the agency’s website facilitates customer loyalty by giving them access to your ads without having to go anywhere and it also helps prospects who have been to your agency to come back to you to keep in touch. It thus makes it possible to obtain a certain retention of these potential customers. The site is therefore also intended for prospects who come to the agency. Note the importance of having a site adapted to smartphones, with searches on these media becoming increasingly important. A responsive site will allow Internet users to access your site at any time and in any place (in transport, at the office, etc.).

The creation of your agency’s website should not be an end in itself but rather a starting point for a new strategy to acquire new clients. It will be necessary to work on the referencing to make your site more visible, to link it to several social networks to make yourself known. Don’t forget the importance of images and the writing of ads. You can also use videos of your properties that you can integrate on your site and on your Youtube account. Another current trend is 360° virtual tours which can also be integrated into your ads.

Do you want to create or improve your real estate agency’s website or even an estate advertisement website? Contact us for a quote.

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