Generate customized documents

Do you need to automate the drafting of your legal documents or other redundant administrative documents? You want to launch a legaltech like Avvoka or Brightflag, or add a module on your website to easily create documents? Our document generation solution should interest you.

A website for lawyers?

Are you a lawyer? Whether you already have a website or are planning to create one for your firm, our solution can be integrated into your website. It will allow you to sell documents filled out directly by your clients. This will allow you to focus on higher value-added services than the simple drafting of contracts or statutes. Moreover, it could be the way to attract new customers to whom you will be able to offer your services for example by adding options when selling documents.


Productivity gains for your business

Our solution is very useful when a need to create the same type of document is redundant in a department such as the drafting of contracts, specifications and various reports or forms. It will save you time and avoid errors by adapting to all your departments (legal department, purchasing department, etc.).

Launch a legaltech

You want to launch a legaltech startup by attacking the legaltech already well established (Casetext, Clio, CrowdJustic, DoNotPay…) or by targeting a different target? Our team will accompany you in your project! In addition to our modules of document generation and marketplace, we offer a custom development and a webmarketing service.

The administrator can use his own document templates that he can copy and paste into the template editor in the administrator interface. Then he can insert the variables to be filled in by the user. Once the template is created, forms will be automatically generated to allow the user to fill in the document and download it once completed.

Here are some of the possibilities offered by our platform:

  • Creating conditions to allow parts of the document to be displayed when these conditions are verified. It is possible to create conditions on numbers, dates, answers to multiple choice questions. It is possible to condition the appearance of a text by one or more conditions at the same time
  • Creation of a "repeatable" paragraph according to a number entered by the user
  • Different types of fields are available (text, large text, date, number, select field)
  • Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) between number fields
  • Creation of fields that can be reused in several models
  • Make it mandatory to fill in certain fields
  • Text blurring to make it impossible for the user to access the entire document without downloading it
  • Management of form filling order and field position


Once a template is created and published, a form is automatically generated to allow the filling of the associated document. A preview of the document is displayed with the data entered in real time. Filling in the form is made easier thanks to several elements such as the order of the forms and fields, the fact that identical fields are only filled in once, and the possibility of importing data automatically (information about a company via the SIREN number or data present in a profile, etc.). In addition, the conditions indicated by the creator of the model allow to display only the elements corresponding to the situation of the filler. The forms are adapted according to the user's data, who obtains a personalized document that can be downloaded in Word and PDF.


We can develop your site from scratch according to your specifications or integrate our solution in the form of modules on your current site whatever the technology used (framework or CMS like WordPress). Our modules allow you to manage your website more efficiently and cover a wider scope than CMS plugins such as Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, Contact Form 7, CaptainForm...

Opt for a high-performance and scalable solution thanks to custom development. The platform is modular and allows you to add new features easily throughout the life of your project. We can carry out all your legaltech projects (website to put you in contact with lawyers or other legal experts, tools allowing individuals and companies to carry out their legal formalities, automation of legal drafting...) or adapt to your document creation processes in your company.

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