Offshore Developers

Why hire offshore developers?

Cost reduction is one of the main benefits of offshore development, but it's not just about budget. Even at the same or higher costs, the expertise and specialization you can benefit from when you outsource your IT development allows you to accelerate your projects and focus on your business goals.

Accelerate your time to market

Reduce your salary and infrastructure costs

Find qualified developers specialized on your technologies

Adapt the size of your team to your needs

Facilitate recruitment by delegating and expanding your search


of our developers

Developers adapted to your needs

Multilinguage speaking developers to facilitate all your exchanges

A time zone adapted to a a several team

Several available profiles(developpers frontend, backend, mobile, engineers DevOps…) from the best schools and trainings selected by us.

Specialized developers

Our developers integrate with your teams and adapt to your processes and project management tools

They trust us

Simple and transparent pricing

The daily rates of our developers depend on their experience and this whatever the technology.


120$ / D

Confirmed /Medium

160$ / D

Senior / Expert

200$ / D

Save a LOT of money

Let’s take the case of a Javascript developer. According to the, the average base salary is $104,591 per years. If you offer employee benefits such as health insurance, life insurance or a retirement plan, the costs of providing these benefits for the company can equal 20% or 30% of an employee’s salary or wages. In case the developer does not work remotely, you would have to add costs related to the allocation of his workspace in your offices.

If we consider that this salary concerns an experienced developer, one of our offshore developers would cost you about $40.000 per year (for 20 working days), which means savings nearly 65% on the salary of your developers.

If you are not planning to hire a developer but are looking for flexibility by working with a freelance developer, the savings will be even higher. 

Our developers integrate with your processes

Our developers integrate with your equipment and adapt to your processes and project management tools

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